Without Gaining Weight

Many people are afraid to quit smoking because they worry about gaining weight. But you can quit without a lot of weight gain

Remember: each smoke must be replaced by something - be prepared for the cravings.

You need to find ways to stay away from tobacco while staying away from fattening foods.

Being more physically active can help.

It will be easier to be active as your lungs recover their health.


Tobacco Products are highly addictive

When you first quit, you will experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, irritability, anxiety and trouble sleeping. While troubling, this is normal fo the first three or four days.

Don't worry...these symptoms are a signal that your body is beginning to heal.

Remember: the cravings will get weaker in time.

Consider talking to a health care professional about cessation therapy options.




For more information on tobacco, its health effects and ways
to overcome a tobacco addiction, talk to a Doctor.